Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Teddys Picnic

Finding my bear collection ever growing, its seems my house is turning into a teddy bears picnic.
so to give them a new look i thorght dressing all the bears up in fancy dress would be fun.

All the bears are from the mumbles range, all the same size and shape.
The bears name is Bracken, he comes with a little bow tie that is cute but i prefer to cut it off.

The fancy dress of the bears will be an on going thing. i have only done one bear so far,
and yes it had to be a pirate, with his cut shirt and eye patch i dont think he looks too bad.

heres hoping that the other Bracken bears will look a little more fancy,


  1. If it didnt cover the bear as much I would suggest a ninja to go with the pirate!

  2. it does cover alot of the bear but its an idea none the less :)