Friday, 13 August 2010

Picture This

Thanx to a donation of 3 mega cheap picture frames from my cousin Stacey, i couldn't resist in having a make.
the frames can be used either portrait or landscape which is nice.

there are so many things to do with these and this is how i started.
i covered one in faux suede and stapled it on the back and then did the same on the inner.

i think the texture really adds to the overall feel of it but is its too plain.
so as stars are my fav i to some gold and silver stars and used PVA glue to stick them down with.

i didn't want to over do it with the stars so i just added some accent stars in the corner for detail.
the light catches the stars really well .


  1. Seriously, your doing that mind reading thing again. I just collected 20 matching photo frames for £9.99 off our favourite website! See!

  2. i loves the ebay. bet you will make some magic with those gems

  3. im undecided whether they should be profitable or shabbied up and made into a collage for one of my rooms.....hmmmm....