Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Leaf Green

after the opening of the oh so ace paperchase in my home town of Lincoln i couldn't resist a trip down to flex the plastic.
one of my buyings was this beautiful green leaf fibre A3 paper sheet and it is crazy cool. it has real leaf skeletons layed on the paper.

i have a few ideas for the paper but this is my first go with it using one of the frames that were donated :)

i layed the paper flat and placed the frame on top and i used PVA glue one the face of the frame to hold it down.
i cut a line from point to point on the inside of the frame and folded it in a glued it to the inner side.
i did the same to the outer edge of the frame.

once dry i used green buttons glued to the frame as dettail and a little silver heart made out of wire in the coner. its cute and qurky.

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