Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Apple String

my self and Hazel went on a little shopping trip at the weekend and we came across some cheap £1 earrings that were needless to say ugly.

so we set each other a craft challenge :) and here is my go.

using two different fabrics i made apples. after making a pattern i cut out 5 in each colour and stitched them up leaving the top open for stuffing i ran a stitch round the opening so after its been stuffed it will draw in.

once thats done i pushed the needle through from top to bottom to pull it in to give the apple shape.
using one of the hearts off the earrings for a leaf and some white willow for a stalk they really look like apples.

once strung together they look great.


  1. Oh now that is clever! I LOVE the apples, where the hell did you get the idea from? You really have thrown down the gauntlet!

  2. i thourght the hearts looked like leafs so the ball kept rolling, get crafting