Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Recycled Mini Skirt

I have had this red dotty dress since summer and i never wore because it just didn't look right so i can't waste good fabric.

i really liked the idea of an item of clothing tho so i cut out a waist section and 2 long sections to make a mini skirt.
with the waist band i turned down the top and bottom to make a hem and stitched it in white.

using the 2 long sections i turned up the bottoms and stitched them together and started pleating it then using some white ribbon i went around the bottom of the waist band and all i needed to do was add the zip and it was ready to wear.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Multi Skilled

Not blogged for a few days due to the fact i have been all worried about a test that i was taking last Friday.

due to my type of work i have been wanting to learn how to drive a fork lift for a good few years now and i got my wish .....

i run a warehouse in Lincolnshire and having to wait for the director of the company to get me a few pallets down was getting to be a real pain.

i started the training last Monday and which filled the whole day from start to finish and that went on till Wednesday where i sat a theory test on all the info i had learnt during the the days before.

to pass the theory i needed to get 80% or more to pass, i got 98% and normally I'm utter crap at theory, I'm more of a practical kinda girl. so after passing that i was ready to take the test on Thursday and was i ready to fail. it was marked like a driving test, you start with a clean sheet and the more things you do wrong the more marks you get, anymore then 40 and its a big fat fail.

i got 24 which was an awesome pass so watch out i could be on a forklift near you !

and to celebrate i got my lip pierced .........

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Geek Christmas

My other half Stu is a self confessed geek and loves all geeky stuff and with this passion comes lots of computer bits n bobs laying around the house that he should really throw out....

today i asked him for an old key pad or two but he only had one that i could recycle.

i wanted the keys off it but when you only have one keypad you are limited to what you can spell.
so i went for NOEL and XMAS

using a little ribbon and bails i made two geeky Christmas ornaments for my Stu, nothing like a bit of recycle and reuse.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Pretty Jelly Kitty

I have a bit a love thing with the colour purple and i cant seem to get enough.
i thinks its about time i made myself something with the colour and my new fav thing......resin.

i have been holding on to some kitty stickers that i got from paperchase waiting todo something really pretty with them.

so i made these purple jelly looking tablets with the kitty encased within. then all i did was add a bail and purple bead spacers and a clasp.

yay a gift for myself

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Diamond Gifts

Not blogged for a week or so as i have been playing with something and it can be a time consuming process
i have been using epoxy resin to make these pretty diamonds to make into key ring's, pendents and earrings.

i used the same mould i used for my wax crayons so i didn't have to buy a new one.
i used some glitters and i will be selling it and more in my Folksy shop, you will find the link further down.
great as a christmas gift.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Clear Baubles

over the past few days we have had some mega snow here and its got so bad that my poor car has been trapped for days

but its not all bad i have seen some really good things to take pics of ...

so after all the fun in the snow me and the other half too a walk into town, which isn't easy in alot of snow and wellies.

i picked up a few items while i was there, one of which were these clear baubles which are made of glass
they were really cheap for what they are and i knew i could add a lil twist to make these unique

they came in a pack and was filled with a tinsel kinda stuff, so i pulled them out and filled them with my own things like ribbon, glitter , beads and stars


i have one left so i will let you know what i do with that one

Saturday, 27 November 2010

button bracelet

i have millions of random buttons and i find myself buying them when i dont even need them
so i came to the idea i needed to use some of them up for other stuff n things.
when i was younger we use to make braided bracelets so i have combined the two.....