Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A picture to remember

I love taking pictures and saving them and putting them in funny frames around my house for all my family and friends to see when they come to visit.

i do like to edit alot of my pictures using Photoshop CS4, changing the colours and styles and using cut outs,
but when my cousin Stacey and her other half Adam got married i wanted to make them something really special.

i picked a photo that i had taken from the wedding day and had it made up as a canvas which to some is special in its self but i wanted different.
After a quick look on good old Ebay i found some little cute doves and some flat back pearl hearts.

Also using a pot of glitter and PVA glue mixed with water i brushed the glitter over the surrounding edge of the canvas and parts of the picture. once dry it looked really eye catching.

Using the doves and pearls i stuck them down around the canvas and one pearl heart on the detail of the wedding dress. this is the end result. they both loved the canvas and it gives a personal twist.

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  1. Awwww thats beautiful! I'm not suprised they both loved it!