Thursday, 12 August 2010

Finger Tash Gloves

Finger tashing has become a bit of a craze with myself and friends.
Im not gonna lie it is abit of a strange thing to do really and this is how its done.....
when a friend or family is ready in waiting for their photograph to be taken you quick but effortlessly side your finger under their nose to make what is called "a finger tash"

but now the weather will soon be getting cold and the tashing will come to an end as it will be way to chilly to remove your hands from your oh so snuggley pockets.
so to tash it up big style and still keep your hands all snug i made these finger tash gloves.

all you need is one pair of gloves in any colour but try and stay away from black as the tash wont stand out very well, the gloves were uber cheap as the weather is still warm so the winter gear isnt too sort after.

i cut out a tash from some black felt and stitched it to the inner end of the index finger and here is the end result, modelled by the oh so sexy Stu :)

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