Saturday, 14 August 2010

Noughts & Crosses

when ever i take a walk into town i always go into the charity shops to see what 2nd hand delights they have.
today my Stu found a 3D noughts and crosses game and asked if i could make something out of it .....

to be honest this is a mega easy craft but its really good because it cant be replicated that easy as the "beads" are from a game not a shop.

i threaded the beads on some thick clear elastic, and i was able to make 2 bracelets out of all the beads from the game.

i just tied the elastic when it was full and tried it on and this was the result, really nice chunky wood one off bracelet .


  1. I BLOOMIN LOVE THIS AMI! I love how its nought and crosses and also hugs and kises xoxo! Now I challenge you to make something out of the peg board :P

  2. now that is a challenge lol