Sunday, 15 August 2010

Shopping Trip

today me and Hazel went to a little place called hemswell market, well to be fair is isn't little, its massive!!!
we arrived around 8.20 am which is mega early for some.

with a bacon sarni down us we started the search for things to reuse and craft with.
the place was full of all sorts of goodies and treasures.

we walked round the whole site from top to bottom and we was proper pooped when we came to the end.
i got some awesome things as you can see below.

deffo want to do some more shopping with hazel was great fun and laugh and have loads to show for it.


  1. OK OK OK OK OK OK! You seriously need to showcase that badboy in all its glory! When did you get those willow ball things?!?! Im mega pooped! Off to blog my bits then sleep! We must do it again!

  2. i tried to hide all the "oks" there awful