Monday, 20 December 2010

Multi Skilled

Not blogged for a few days due to the fact i have been all worried about a test that i was taking last Friday.

due to my type of work i have been wanting to learn how to drive a fork lift for a good few years now and i got my wish .....

i run a warehouse in Lincolnshire and having to wait for the director of the company to get me a few pallets down was getting to be a real pain.

i started the training last Monday and which filled the whole day from start to finish and that went on till Wednesday where i sat a theory test on all the info i had learnt during the the days before.

to pass the theory i needed to get 80% or more to pass, i got 98% and normally I'm utter crap at theory, I'm more of a practical kinda girl. so after passing that i was ready to take the test on Thursday and was i ready to fail. it was marked like a driving test, you start with a clean sheet and the more things you do wrong the more marks you get, anymore then 40 and its a big fat fail.

i got 24 which was an awesome pass so watch out i could be on a forklift near you !

and to celebrate i got my lip pierced .........

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