Sunday, 12 September 2010

Recovering cushions

and yes your eyes are really seeing this i am blogging.
on yet another bargin hunt i found myself at a lil car boot sale at fulbeck and came across some funky green fabric that i could only use for one thing only.


they are some crappy looking and boring it had to be done.
it was just a case of taking the cushion out of the case and unpicking the zip as that can be use for the new one.
laying out the new fabric i cut a template out from the old case.

i stitched up 3 sides then stitched bout 2.5 inches of the 4th side on each side ready for the zip.
after stitching in the zip its just a case of turning it insideout and putting in the cushion in its new case.

from the picture below you can see the new fabric, old case, old cushion and new cushion.

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